Social Justice

We believe that the arc of the moral universe does indeed bend toward justice. We also know that it still needs a lot of help from all of us, working together.

NFF cares deeply about diversity, equity, and inclusion, and are embedding these values in everything from our talent and organizational effectiveness philosophy, to our contracting policies, to our financing and consulting client engagements, to our thought partnerships.

This dedication matters more than ever as today’s turbulent times call upon us all to redouble our commitments to each other. NFF’s response includes widely sharing free resources to help nonprofits and their funders manage through uncertainty. And CEO Antony Bugg-Levine recently highlighted the need to explicitly connect our work as investors and advisors to the imperative to combat structural inequities and to offer hope.

Our Commitments

Forge partnerships with organizations led by people from and representing communities most impacted by inequity, enabling us to serve those communities more effectively

Ensure the diversity of NFF team members and leaders increasingly reflects the communities with whom we work, while systems, values, and training combine to promote inclusion and equity and to equip team members with the cultural humility to improve our effectiveness working together and with clients

Improve the quality of our vendors by accessing more of those with diverse managers and owners

Improve our financial sustainability by raising funding specifically to support our work promoting diversity, equity, and inclusion

Emerge as a powerful voice in national discussions about the trajectory of the social sector and community finance movements in an increasingly diverse country and, through living our value of Leading by Doing, be an example of the benefits of diversity, equity, and inclusion

We collaborate with many to help advance a more equitable society.

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