Recycling, Sustainability, and Community in the Heart of Brooklyn

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NFF is a Community Development Financial Institution that provides loans and other financing to help nonprofits and social enterprises expand opportunities in their communities. With over 40 years of experience, our products have responded to the real-time needs of organizations that are contributing to the wellbeing and resilience of communities across the US.  

Our financing supports organizations in education, community improvement, health, homelessness and housing, human services, social justice, workforce development, youth development, and more. We customize loans to help organizations with everything from creating community centers to building new health centers, as well as bridging capital campaign pledges or government contract payments.  

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Keep scrolling to learn about our financing options, our approach, and our clients. And to connect with someone from our team to discuss financing for your organization, email [email protected].

Financing Options

We’ve helped charter schools add classrooms, a supportive housing organization acquire new sites, and theaters renovate performance halls, and assisted countless other organizations with their facility or real estate financing needs.

We provide lines of credit and flexible loans to address your cash needs – whether you manage a behavioral health organization adapting to new forms of payment, or need capital to scale a foster-care reduction program.

We have provided bridge loans to help kick-start projects by nonprofits ranging from a community health center to an urban farm.

Interested in NMTC? Contact us at [email protected] to tell us about your project.

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We’ve spent a long time at the cutting-edge of nonprofit financing

For over 40 years, we’ve been at the forefront of nonprofit finance, focusing on the needs of low-income communities and the organizations that serve them, and crafting products and solutions to meet those needs.

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We take the time to get to know you

We love what we do and supporting your work. We get to know your vision and help you realize it – whether you’re fighting homelessness in California, running a charter school in New York, or providing medical care to underserved Texas communities.

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The conversation starts with your needs, not our products

We work with you to craft the financing solution that works best for your organization, your mission, and your community.


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