Why we're here

We all care passionately about the important work we’re all doing. Yet the numbers of people and communities who need help, and their needs, keep growing. So do the hoops and hurdles that stand between commitment and impact.

NFF has always brought capital to where it's needed most for social good. In 1980, our loans helped nonprofits deal with the high energy costs of double-digit inflation. Today, we continue to evolve with the needs of our society and our sector, helping nonprofits and their supporters be financially stable and nimble so they can explore opportunities, weather storms, and make use of data and ideas.

New ways emerge daily for nonprofits and funders to partner differently to get the stronger results that all want, need, and deserve. We are continually inspired by your innovation and commitment. We know this isn't easy. But it absolutely can be done.

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We live in your world

As a social-sector lender, consultant, and thought leader with nearly 40 years of experience and insights, we help you identify and act on complex financial management issues. Our people – like your people – are knowledgeable, caring professionals from many walks of life, committed to building more just and vibrant communities.

We are grounded and groundbreaking

Working closely with thousands of nonprofits, social enterprises, funders, and investors, we understand our sector’s dynamic environment from both national and hyperlocal perspectives. We help mission-driven organizations prepare for what’s next.

We map out actionable steps toward a more just and vibrant society

Partner with us to extend opportunities in low-income communities; to connect money and expertise in the most impactful ways; to create and share data and experiences, and so we can all do even more good.

Meet our team

NFFers are knowledgeable, caring professionals with diverse experiences and backstories.

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