NFF began life as the Energy Conservation Fund, making loans and providing technical assistance to help nonprofits deal with high energy costs. Founder Clara Miller served as President & CEO through 2011, and was succeeded by Antony Bugg-Levine. Over the years, we have continuously expanded our reach and our services to address the sector’s broad capitalization needs – providing financing for a range of purposes to nonprofits and social enterprises, and advice to nonprofits, funders, and investors nationwide on how to effectively connect money and mission.

In 2000, we became Nonprofit Finance Fund.

In 2001, NFF awarded $10.1 million to 200 New York City nonprofits to offset expenses and losses resulting from the Sept. 11 terror attacks. We received our first New Markets Tax Credits award in 2007; we’ve used our $281 million total to-date to finance community facility projects like health centers and schools in low-income communities. In 2009, we rolled out special programming to help nonprofits manage through the recession. We launched our Pay for Success Learning Hub in 2011 to help the sector share knowledge and resources about this innovative approach to contracting that ties payment for service delivery to the achievement of measurable outcomes. And in late 2016, we provided free webinars to help as many nonprofits, funders, and impact investors as possible prepare for major changes anticipated under the Trump Administration.

Today, we continue to evolve with the needs of our society and our sector, helping nonprofits and their supporters to be financially stable and nimble so they can explore opportunities, weather storms, make use of data and ideas, and get ever better at doing good.