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Let’s build a more just and vibrant society

A nonprofit lender and consultant with 40 years of national and hyperlocal experience, NFF helps mission-driven organizations adapt, thrive, and drive positive change.

Support nonprofits in the fight for justice and racial equity.


What we do


We invest in communities through customized financing that strengthens mission-driven organizations, with 50%+ of our 2021 lending going to nonprofits led by people of color.

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We equip social-sector leaders to make financial decisions that best serve their missions, with 50%+ of our 2021 consulting services dedicated to nonprofits led by people of color.

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We co-create together, working with community-centered organizations, networks, organizers, funders, and financing partners to support community-led solutions.

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Solving complex social issues is hard work. Sharing experiences and expertise – from ideas to anecdotes to cutting-edge data and analysis – makes it easier. 

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Where We Go From Here Video Series

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We unlock the potential of mission-driven organizations

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