Reports/Case Studies

Reports/Case Studies

NFF publications share crucial learnings gleaned from our work across the social sector
Health / Housing Report

The Promise, Pitfalls, and Potential of CalAIM

And what funders can do to ensure the success of this transformational program | The Promise, Pitfalls, and Potential of CalAIM

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    Human Services / Health Report

    Strengthening the Los Angeles Food Access Ecosystem

    Education / Nonprofit Sector Report

    Funding Non-Degree Workforce Programs at Community Colleges

    Lessons Learned from New America’s New Models for Career Preparation Project |
    Health / Human Services Report

    Advancing Resilience and Community Health

    Nonprofit Sector / Nonprofit Sector Report

    California Pay for Success: Final Reflections

    How Can Outcomes-Based Funding Advance Racial Equity? |
    Human Services / Nonprofit Sector Report

    Investing in Infant and Early Childhood Mental Health

    Education / Arts and Culture Report

    Los Angeles Early Care and Education Provider Financial Analysis

    Nonprofit Sector / Housing Report

    Strengthening LA Permanent Supportive Housing Developers

    Nonprofit Sector / Arts and Culture Report

    LA Justice Fund Report

    Nonprofit Sector Report

    Elevating Impact of the Full Cost Pilot