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Funding Non-Degree Workforce Programs at Community Colleges

Lessons Learned from New America’s New Models for Career Preparation Project

High-quality non-degree workforce programs at community colleges, including both credit-bearing and non-credit programs, play a crucial role in equipping workers and learners with the skills and credentials they need to secure quality jobs and careers in a variety of occupations. Financing these programs can be a challenge for many colleges. Under the auspices of its New Models for Career Preparation project, The Center on Education and Labor at New America (CELNA), with support from Lumina Foundation, commissioned NFF to undertake a study examining innovative financing approaches. "Funding Non-Degree Workforce Programs at Community Colleges" presents the findings from the study, including:

  • Applying the Full Cost Framework to Non-Degree Programs at Community Colleges
  • Revenue Dynamics of Non-Degree Programs
  • Promising Practices in Funding for Non-Credit Programs
  • Aligning Impact with Investment: Demonstrating Return on Investment

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