Health / Human Services

Advancing Resilience and Community Health

Lessons Learned from Partnerships Between Networks of Community-Based Organizations and Healthcare Organizations

The Advancing Resilience and Community Health (ARCH) initiative was designed to help networks of nonprofit community-based organizations (CBOs) develop new contracts, payment models, and partnership approaches with healthcare payors to achieve better health outcomes across the United States. Through ARCH, NFF partnered with three networks – EngageWell IPA (New York), Metropolitan Alliance of Connected Communities (Minnesota), and Thomas Jefferson Area Coalition for the Homeless (Virginia) – to explore what it takes for CBO networks to come together around a shared vision for partnering with healthcare. This capstone report highlights themes and lessons learned that we hope will inform new approaches to advancing community health, including:

  • Contracts have more disadvantages than benefits
  • Networks redefined success by prioritizing communities over contracts
  • Addressing health equity means centering racial equity
  • It’s time to invest in community-led solutions

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