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Behind Jenesse Center's Mission to End Domestic Violence

The Jenesse Family Institute puts community first
A rendering of the Jenesse Family Institute, a modern building with a prominent glass wall on the second story and a mural on the front facade

Jenesse Center, Inc. was founded in 1980 by five women who channeled their experience of domestic violence into a nonprofit that supports survivors and their families, delivers violence prevention and intervention programs, and provides community services in its corner of Los Angeles.

Jenesse's culturally sensitive programs and services transition families from crisis to self-sufficiency, offering mental health counseling, independent life skills classes, computer training, job referrals, after school programs for children, field trips, tutoring, and direct legal services. And with its emergency and transitional shelters, Jenesse can house women and children from 30 days up to two years.

Now it’s expanding to advance its mission to end domestic violence, documented in a five-part video series.

Seeing a rising demand for its services, Jenesse envisioned the Jenesse Family Institute, which will serve as a community resource for families to prevent domestic violence from arising in the first place. “I think that’s always been our goal – we’ve wanted to stop domestic violence with the next generation,” says Alyson Messenger, Jenesse Center Attorney. “The Jenesse Family Institute really is the fruition of that vision.”

In response to growing demand for its services – especially during the pandemic – Jenesse Center purchased two connecting buildings in South Los Angeles to expand the services they offer in the community. The new buildings will contain a drop-in center where survivors can seek help, the Permanent Housing Assistance Program, and workforce development services.

The purchase was made possible through a $1.8 million bridge loan from Nonprofit Finance Fund (NFF), ensuring that even more people impacted by domestic violence can access the support they need to move forward. Learn more about the building and the programs and services it will house as it works to end domestic violence.

NFF and Jenesse Center collaborated on a five-part video series showcasing the Jenesse Family Institute, diving into programming with staff, exploring Jenesse's history, and more.

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