2022 National State of the Nonprofit Sector Survey

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The 2022 National State of the Nonprofit Sector Survey is now closed. Please check back in early June for results and findings.

What is the State of the Nonprofit Sector Survey?

The State of the Nonprofit Sector Survey – the biggest national sampling of our sector – collects data about US nonprofits’ health and challenges and transforms it into an accessible, evidence-based illustration of nonprofits’ ability to help the communities we all serve. It’s a powerful platform for nonprofits large and small, urban and rural, across sub-sectors and geographies, and its findings are widely used and cited by nonprofit leaders and boards, funders, advocates, policy advisors, media, researchers, and many others. 

We launched the Survey in 2008, when an economic crisis threatened the viability of many organizations. Thirteen years later, results from thousands of respondents show some indications of recovery, stabilization, and growth. Nonprofits are adding jobs, engaging in strategic conversations such as leadership succession planning, and looking to retain their workforce. Yet, given many challenges arising from the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic and inequities in funding organizations led-by and serving BIPOC, many nonprofits are confronting the troubling reality of how to meet the long-term needs of the communities they serve now. Many organizations are looking to make the necessary investments to secure their long-term future.  

What is new about the 2022 Survey?

Conducted in partnership with EVITARUS and Ambit 360, we canvassed nonprofit leaders of color to get input on the issues they’d like to see addressed in the Survey. Incorporating their feedback, we ask a series of questions that will provide data you can use to spearhead change for your organization.   

2022 Survey has expanded to:

  1. Capture a “before and after COVID-19" financial snapshot of nonprofits. 
  2. Measure racial equity in nonprofit finance by comparing the experiences of organizations led by people of color to the experiences of white-led organizations. Here at NFF, we envision a world where funding and financial capital is accessible to all dynamic nonprofit leaders and the communities they serve. You may view the Statement of Purpose and five guiding principles that will inform our goals as well as specific objectives we’d like to accomplish for our research design here
  3. Take a closer look at the experiences of Los Angeles area nonprofits.

NFF thanks the Bank of America Charitable Foundation for generously supporting the State of the Nonprofit Sector Survey since 2010.