Alice Antonelli

I left college with a psychology degree, a lifelong affinity for numbers, and a curiosity to explore opportunities in the Big Apple. I joined the world of banking to develop my passion for numbers like others develop a second language; after a few years in sales and trading I ended up at business school to get more formal training in finance. I then worked for a bank on Wall Street, but there was something missing. When I discovered that they had a department that invested in the community, I couldn’t believe it! I could combine my passion for numbers with my love for serving the community – at the time I had been mentoring a high-school student and raising money for nonprofits on the side. That has been my journey ever since. In 2002 I joined NFF in Philadelphia and am blessed to work with clients that inspire me with their tireless work to make the world a better place, and wonderful colleagues that work with a collaborative spirit. At work, I am a facilitator, encourager, puzzle solver, and translator. Outside of work, I am a roadie for my husband and his band, cheerleader for my kids in their exciting endeavors, traveler to places near and far, sports enthusiast trying my best to maintain a healthy diet and lifestyle.   

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I joined NFF to combine my financial analysis and underwriting skills with my heart for giving back to the community. I really enjoy my recent work with smaller, grassroots organizations, where I feel I can make an immediate impact and end up working on a lot of different topics and concepts. My clients inspire me with their tireless work to make the community and world a better place!