Annual Report 2022

“Financial security for nonprofits allows their programs and services to flourish, leading to dignified jobs for diverse residents, local ownership of critical community assets, and neighborhood stability and wealth.”

NFF President & CEO Aisha Benson, introducing NFF’s 2022 Annual Report
NFF President & CEO Aisha Benson standing outdoors, smiling, with arms folded, in front of a shrub and brick building
NFF President & CEO Aisha Benson

2022 exacerbated many ongoing challenges to nonprofit financial stability: racist financial exclusion, rising inflation and interest rates, staff burnout and turnover, and philanthropy rolling back the flexible funding that helped nonprofits weather the pandemic. NFF responded to these challenges through tailored investments and deep consulting that center deep listening, relationship-building, and equitable funding practices.

Read NFF’s 2022 Annual Report:

Some of the ways we listened and responded to community needs in 2022: 


We originated $34 million in total new lending and NMTC investments to 56 organizations, financing that will benefit more than 2.6 million individuals and families. This money was leveraged to support $134 million of total project funding.

Chart displaying loans originated in 2022


In 2022, we provided direct, tailored financial management and financial consulting to 280 nonprofits. We also reached nearly 1,800 nonprofit leaders through short engagements, events, and consulting webinars. Across our practice, this totaled 15,174 hours of service provided to nonprofits.

Chart displaying 2022 consulting clients

Knowledge Sharing

NFF’s State of the Nonprofit Sector Survey collected and shared data, stories, and advice from over 1,100 nonprofit leaders on the impact of the past two years, from the pandemic to events that activated calls for racial justice. “We need more permanent funding and not just a temporary patch or for symbolic response to current conditions,” wrote one leader.

Three teenagers participate in a Seeing Our Adolescents Rise (SOAR) outdoor adventure program.
Three teenagers participate in a Seeing Our Adolescents Rise (SOAR) outdoor adventure program. Image provided by SOAR.

NFF’s 2022 Annual Report lifts up the voices and crucial work of our clients, from a Denver nonprofit helping youth build life skills to a New York City organization supporting survivors of human trafficking in a safe house that truly feels like a home.

Plus, hear from NFF staff on how we’re working with local communities to create systemic change, and how strengthening our commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion leads us to a crucial sense of belonging: from DEI to DEIB.

In NFF’s 44th year we are bringing more flexible resources and sustainable financing to nonprofits. And we’re partnering with communities to co-create products and services to support their efforts.

When we compassionately listen to understand and work with one another, we can multiply our impact on community wealth and well-being. Check out the full 2022 Annual Report for more stories and stats from our work: