2022 Survey: The Impact of COVID-19 and Racially Motivated Violence

2022 Survey: The Impact of COVID-19 and Racially Motivated Violence

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NFF’s 2022 State of the Nonprofit Sector Survey offers insights into the impact of the past two years, from the pandemic to events that activated calls for racial justice. Here’s what leaders had to say about how their organizations have been faring and the investments they need to secure their long-term futures. 

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The impact of 2020-2021 on how we work: 

  • As a result of the pandemic, 88% of respondents developed new or different ways of working that led to positive outcomes; 51% of those think these could be permanent changes. 
  • 28% were impacted a great deal by the events surrounding the murder of George Floyd. This rose to 49% for Black-led nonprofits. 
  • 24% were impacted a great deal by instances of politically or racially motivated violence and threats of violence. This rose to 45% for Black-led nonprofits, and 46% for AAPI-led nonprofits.  
  • Half of respondents reported that at their organizations, staff took on duties outside of their regular job description all or most of the time.   
  • As nonprofits and for-profits alike have been challenged by the Great Resignation, we saw nonprofits continue to face challenges around employing staff. When asked to name their top 3 staffing challenges, the most common responses were employing enough staff to do all the work (55%), offering competitive pay (51%), and staff burnout (36%). 

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The financial picture emerging from 2020-2021:  

  • 70% of respondents overall saw their funding rise during the pandemic from 2019 levels. 
  • In the 2021 fiscal year (FY2021), 36% of nonprofits received more than half of their funding in unrestricted funds, including general operating support. (For purposes of this survey, we defined unrestricted funds as grants or donations nonprofits may spend in any way they believe is appropriate to further their mission.)  

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  • 71% of all respondents received one or more Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) loans. For white-led nonprofits, that figure is 76%, as compared to 58% for Black-led nonprofits. This may be due to two factors:  
    • Fewer Black-led organizations applied for PPP loans (64% of Black-led nonprofits as compared to 77% of white-led nonprofits).  
    • Among those that did apply for PPP loans, 99% of white-led organizations received them versus 90% of Black-led organizations.  
  • 57% of respondents indicate that foundations have been more flexible with use of funds since March 2020.   

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NFF thanks the Bank of America Charitable Foundation for generously supporting the 2022 State of the Nonprofit Sector Survey, and for its ongoing support of the Survey since 2010. The 2022 survey was conducted in partnership with EVITARUS and Ambit 360.

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