While … 95% of The Brotherhood/Sister Sol alumni are either working full time or enrolled in college, only 42% of West Harlem youth graduate from high school, with less than 34% of Black males graduating in four years. 

Youth who enter the doors of The Brotherhood/ Sister Sol (Bro/Sis) are changed. “Sister Sol is my much -needed haven,” explained then 17-year old Shanoa. “It is the one place where I feel free to express myself, where I gain in self-worth, and where I can constructively reflect on what actions I need to take in order to achieve my dreams and become the woman I was meant to be.”

Based in Harlem with a national reach, Bro/Sis unleashes this inner confidence by offering a suite of youth-centered programming. Through after-school programs, counseling services, community-organizing training, summer camps, employment training, college prep, and international study programs, young men and women gain skills that last a lifetime. But the organization’s space was too small for all it wants to accomplish—employee workstations spill out into the basement and classroom programs are overcrowded.

With a $1.35 million loan from NFF helping to refinance a mortgage, Bro/Sis is building a state-of-the-art site that will also allow for increased training on their model and expanded policy work. Construction is expected to finish in 2018, when youth can look forward to spacious meeting rooms, an art and sound studio, a library, and a greenhouse. “The refinancing support from NFF allowed for us to secure funding from NYC to create our new home,” said Khary Lazarre-White, Bro/Sis Executive Director. “Now the youth we serve can look forward to a large, beautiful space equal to their aspirations.”