Executive Transition Team Co-Lead, Client Services

Kristin Giantris

It comes down to people and how similar we are. They can be in remote villages in the Balkans, a holler in West Virginia or a neighborhood in upper Manhattan. Ultimately, though, people want someone to look them in the eye, care enough to listen and be thoughtful about what gets shared. And when I’m living and working this way, I’m always having my best day. For the past 25+ years, I’ve lived and worked internationally and domestically, in the nonprofit and for profit worlds. I’ve run the gamut from rural development to bond finance. Today, I’m fortunate to work with an organization that brings me into close and consultative relationships with community leaders across the country, and I get to do this work with people who truly know how to connect, listen and learn with their clients. On paper, we spend our time on “finance,” but in reality, we are supporting leaders to make critical mission-driven decisions that affect the lives of many people. It’s an honor every day.  


There is no greater satisfaction in this work than when we are able to provide clarity, relief, and energy to our clients, when seeing that their increased ability to plan and manage financially allows them to double down on mission.