Claire Knowlton

I love working at NFF because it allows (and requires!) I bring the fullness of my experiences and my abilities. When I ran a small arts nonprofit, I had to restock the bathroom and set up easels between strategy meetings and funder calls. I also had to manage through painful cash flow crises when my team and I wouldn’t be paid on time. When I worked as an auditor and tax preparer for nonprofits, it was easy to see that the rules were made with the big guys in mind. I learned how to balance practicality with requirements and find workarounds in flawed systems. I carry these experiences with me into my work with nonprofit leaders, from whom I often learn new ways of making-it-work and with whom I share easy and meaningful strategic finance practices to support their decision-making. I love working with funders too! I show this love by telling funders the unvarnished truth about which of their practices cause unintentional harm to the nonprofits they care about (honesty is really hard to come by when everyone is asking you for money).   

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Those of us who mix hard skills and soft skills fit in nicely here -- I studied economics and world religion and previously worked as executive director of a small, grassroots arts nonprofit, and as an auditor for nonprofits. I am inspired by the conversations we are having and the work we are doing around racial equity.