Pay for Success Projects

Project TitleYear Geography
NYC ABLE Project for Incarcerated Youth2012New York, NY
Utah High Quality Preschool Program2013Salt Lake County, UT
New York Increasing Employment and Improving Public Safety2013New York and Rochester, NY
Massachusetts Juvenile Justice PFS Initiative2014Boston, Chelsea, and Springfield, MA
Chicago Child-Parent Center Pay for Success Initiative2014Chicago, IL
Cuyahoga Partnering for Family Success Program2014Cuyahoga County, OH
Massachusetts Chronic Homelessness Pay for Success Initiative2014Commonwealth of MA
Santa Clara Project Welcome Home2015Santa Clara County, CA
Denver Housing to Health Initiative2016Denver, CO
South Carolina Nurse Family Partnership2016South Carolina
Connecticut Family Stability Project2016Connecticut
Michigan Strong Beginnings2016Grand Rapids, MI
DC Water Environmental Impact Bond2016Washington, DC
Santa Clara County Partners in Wellness2017Santa Clara County, CA
Massachusetts Pathways to Economic Advancement2017Greater Boston, MA
Salt Lake County Homes Not Jail2017Salt Lake County, UT
Salt Lake County REACH2017Salt Lake County, UT
Los Angeles County Just-In-Reach2017Los Angeles County
Oklahoma Women in Recovery Project2017Tulsa, OK
Ventura County Project to Support Reentry2017Ventura County, CA
Alameda County Justice Restoration Project2018Alameda County, CA
Northern Virginia 2018Northern Virginia
Maternal, Infant, and Early Childhood Home Visiting Outcomes Rate Card Pilot2018Connecticut
Blood Bank of Delmarva Young Blood Sustainability Project 2018Delaware
Veterans CARE2018Massachusetts and New York, NY

Pay For Success Project Data Tables

For more information on the projects listed above, download the full project data tables.