Responding to the Violence in Memphis, TN

January 27, 2023

As we write this, we know that this evening we will all see the devastating footage of Tyre Nichols’ death at the hands of police. But even without seeing the video, we know that his death was senseless, needless, and tragic. Another family's hearts have been broken. Another community is mourning a death that should never have happened. And, once again, we are all forced to confront our country's legacy of police violence against Black people.

We stand with everyone today who is grieving, who is angry, who is heartbroken. We stand with our Black staff members, for whom Tyre's death marks yet another Black man who has died at the hands of police. We stand with all of our BIPOC staff members, who have grappled with multiple violent tragedies in this week alone. And we stand, as always, with the community leaders we serve, who fight daily for racial justice and work tirelessly to build a better world.

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