NFF to Provide Financial Consulting to Trinity Church Grantees

July 9, 2024

Nonprofit Finance Fund (NFF) is pleased to support grantees of Trinity Church Wall Street through a series of financial coaching and consulting services designed to help organization leaders navigate the hurdles inherent in the nonprofit financial system. Services will vary, as they will be responsive to organizations’ specific needs, but are likely to include trend analyses, board and staff trainings, and customized financial planning tools. Grantees generally can access financial management office hours, one-on-one coaching and consulting, and online resources. Select grantees will participate in a deeper- dive cohort with more intensive training and advisory support.

An Episcopal parish in Lower Manhattan, Trinity Church serves its community through worship, direct service, and grantmaking. Its philanthropic work reaches more than 200 local and international grantees each year, providing over $30 million to organizations focused on housing and homelessness; racial justice; mission real estate development; and leadership development. 

Trinity grantees face many shared challenges. Unfortunately, many nonprofit service providers struggle to maintain steady cash flow due to severe delays in payments for government contracts. Additionally, faith-based organizations see little philanthropic investment relative to the community services they provide. NFF and Trinity’s shared commitment to bolstering community-centered nonprofits and supporting organizations led by and serving people of color is pivotal to their partnership.

This work builds on previous engagements to support Trinity’s grantees. While collaboration had already begun, the relationship between Trinity and NFF began to take shape in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, when they announced an $8 million loan fund to help nonprofit organizations weather the pandemic’s financial aftershocks. NFF has been providing financial management technical assistance and consulting support to Trinity grantees for several years. Most recently, NFF and Trinity launched a new $1.5 million Faith in Our Communities Fund to help faith organizations plan affordable housing and community development projects.

“We appreciate Trinity’s continued focus on the financial stability of nonprofits contributing to community health, wealth, and well-being,” said Robert Kagan, Director, Consulting, at NFF. “We are grateful for the opportunity to support their grantees’ financial goals and aspirations on behalf of the people they employ and serve.”

“It is important to us at Trinity Church that we walk alongside our grantees and the communities who they serve,” said Bea de la Torre, Chief Philanthropy Officer at Trinity Church Wall Street. “Through several years of partnership, we have seen how NFF’s assistance can help nonprofit organizations across New York City and the United States navigate diverse financial challenges and opportunities. We are looking forward to seeing that work continue as we nurture a stronger social sector.”

Trinity grantees interested in participating in this program should contact their program officer.

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