New Loan Closing: Seeing Our Adolescents Rise

October 29, 2021

Mentorship and community engagement for Colorado youth

$50,000 working capital loan through the Metro Denver Nonprofit Loan Fund 

Seeing Our Adolescents Rise (SOAR) connects middle and high school students with advisors, tutors, and community partners who help them define and achieve their goals. The activities they provide – mentorship, educational support, field trips, and community service opportunities – offer young people hands-on learning environments where they can work on their academics, explore new activities, and build life skills. 

SOAR primarily is funded by fee-for-service contracts from the City of Denver. This means that they are only paid after providing services to Denver youth, creating persistent cash flow constraints that the organization would like to overcome. This working capital loan will smooth over these cash flow issues, ensuring that SOAR has access to the financing it needs at any point in the year. With consistent access to cash, SOAR can focus more of its efforts on running successful programs for Denver area youth – and on planning for the future.  

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