New Loan Closing: PARTI Program

August 31, 2021

Helping youth reduce violence in their schools

$90,000 working capital loan 

Positive Alternative Recreation Teambuilding Impact (PARTI) Program was founded to address violence in schools by engaging youth as leaders in their school communities. Prioritizing Black, Latinx, and Pacific Islander youth, PARTI Program offers young people leadership, financial literacy, and volunteer opportunities that help them promote safe school climates that value diversity, equity, and inclusion. After going through the PARTI Program, student participants report that they feel connected to caring adults, that their voices are being heard, that they are prepared to deal with conflict, and that they can access opportunities that will help them thrive after high school. 

PARTI Program will use this loan to hire two program managers to support the executive director, currently the organization’s only full-time employee. This will free up the director to focus additional time and resources on raising the funds the organization needs to maintain and ultimately expand its programs. When it does, more young people will be able to access leadership and educational programs that help them promote safe, healthy environments in their schools and their communities.  

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