New Loan Closing: The Ladies of Hope Ministries

July 21, 2021

Building opportunities for incarcerated and re-entering women

$500,000 working capital loan through the Trinity Church Grantee Loan Fund 

The Ladies of Hope Ministries (The LOHM) is working to end the crisis of poverty and incarceration of women and girls. They offer safe housing, reentry support, and advocacy programs that are grounded in the lived experiences, insights, and ideas of people with direct experience with the criminal justice system. The LOHM was founded and is led, operated by, and serving primarily women of color who understand the value and importance of new responses to trauma and violence. 

The food, housing, and connections that The LOHM provides are critical to the women it serves. But like many nonprofits, the organization was deeply affected by the economic impacts of COVID-19. A significant portion of the nonprofit’s revenue comes from high-profile fundraisers – events that it had to cancel last year. Funded through our partnership with Trinity Church Wall Street, this loan will ensure that The LOHM has enough cash on hand to maintain its operations at its current scale while it recoups the losses it sustained in 2020.  

Partners: Trinity Church Wall Street  

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