New Loan Closing: Kings Against Violence Initiative

October 13, 2021

Working with youth to build a stronger and safer Brooklyn

$500,000 working capital loan 

Kings Against Violence Initiative (KAVI) works to prevent and eliminate interpersonal violence from the lives of young people through advocacy, peer leadership, community mobilization, and social justice. Recognizing that violence is an endemic public health issue among Central Brooklyn Youth, KAVI operates a range of violence intervention programs in school and hospital settings, including trauma recovery for families who have suffered through violence and trainings for young people on restorative justice and trauma-informed care.  

In response to rising violence in the communities where it works, KAVI would like to bring on additional staff and peer facilitators to grow its programs. However, delays in payment from several of the organization's main funders are impeding KAVI's ability to plan this expansion. Offered through the Trinity Church Grantee Loan Fund, this no-interest loan will allow KAVI to bring on the staff it needs to at least double its operational budget, vastly expanding the number of young people it can reach through its violence prevention programming.  

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