New Loan Closing: Jenesse Center

November 1, 2021

Shelter and support for survivors of domestic violence

$1.8 million bridge loan (October 2021)

For 40 years, Jenesse Center has raised awareness about domestic violence and advocated for people's basic right to peace in their homes and relationships. In addition to housing women and children at emergency and transitional shelters across Los Angeles, Jenesse Center provides supportive services that include mental health counseling, life skills courses, computer training, job referrals, after-school programs and tutoring for children, and legal support. Jenesse Center also works to break the generational cycle of violence by educating young people about healthy relationships. 

In response to growing demand for its services – especially during the pandemic – Jenesse Center purchased two connecting buildings in South Los Angeles to expand the services they offer in the community. The new buildings will contain a drop-in center where survivors can seek help, the Permanent Housing Assistance Program, and workforce development services. This loan has provided Jenesse Center the financing they need to purchase this property, ensuring that even more people impacted by domestic violence can access the support they need to move forward. 

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