New Loan Closing: The Good Rural

August 18, 2021

Addressing food insecurity in San Francisco

$50,000 working capital loan (August 2021) 

The Good Rural was founded to promote emotional, academic and economic success for urban and rural communities across the United States. The extremely high cost of living in San Francisco means that many families in the city can't consistently afford or access healthy food. Therefore, in its first year of organization, The Good Rural is focusing on addressing food insecurity: providing access to food to food-insecure children and families; launching educational programs to promote food security through existing resources; and fostering resources that address the root causes of food insecurity.  

This brand-new organization has already secured startup funding from the City of San Francisco; however, this funding is reimbursement-based, meaning that it needs a loan in order to have cash on hand as it begins operations. This loan from NFF will allow The Good Rural to pay rent, hire several full-time employees, and establish its programs while it awaits reimbursement from the city. It will also allow the nonprofit's founder breathing room to apply for the grants it needs to have cash on hand for years to come.  

Learn more about NFF's financing here.

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