Loans: Other

Loans: Other

Featured Loan: AltaSea at the Port of Los Angeles

Creating a sustainable blue economy

$8 million bridge loan (April 2024) 

AltaSea at the Port of Los Angeles (AltaSea) is dedicated to accelerating scientific collaboration, advancing an emerging “blue economy” through business innovation and job creation, and inspiring the next generation – all for a more sustainable, just, and equitable world. Part of their vision includes turning to the ocean to develop and scale up rapid solutions for some of the planet’s most pressing challenges, such as climate change, energy supply, and global food security. AltaSea attracts over 4,000 visitors annually, educates over 2,000 students, and supports more than 70 businesses through its programs and partnerships. 

With an $8 million bridge loan from NFF, AltaSea can continue the revitalization of Berths 58 to 61 in the Port of Los Angeles while it waits for delayed government grants. This project will transform four historic port warehouses into 225,000 square feet of laboratories, research facilities, and hands-on educational development areas. 

With 45 years of leadership, the Center for Nonprofit Management (CNM) is dedicated to fostering a thriving social impact sector in Southern California. CNM's programs help nonprofit leaders strengthen organizational capacity, enabling them to more effectively serve their communities. CNM offers program evaluation, strategic planning, organizational development, community impact assessments, effective governance, and capacity building. In 2022, CNM served over 2,000 nonprofits and more than 5,000 nonprofit staff through initiatives, projects, trainings, and seminars.

Supported by the Hilton Foundation, a $500,000 zero-interest bridge loan from NFF will help CNM cover ongoing organizational costs while waiting for delayed reimbursements from government contracts and other funders. With support from this loan, they can continue investing in programs that equip nonprofit leaders with the knowledge, skills, and resources needed to fulfill their missions.
The Play Company is an award-winning off-Broadway theatre known for developing and producing adventurous new plays in the U.S. and internationally. By hosting residencies, productions, and workshops, they encourage new work by collaborating with artists all around the world. The Play Company commits to affordable access and collaborative community partnerships to make their work available and welcoming to all.

This loan will help the organization overcome cash flow challenges caused by delayed major funding, which is a common experience for many nonprofits. It will help bridge cash shortages throughout the year so The Play Company can continue their important mission of advancing an inclusive and innovative American theatre system by championing new, often marginalized voices.
Founded in 2017, Safe Parking LA (SPLA) bridges a gap in services by addressing the needs of people whose only source of shelter is their vehicle. Their programs provide secure overnight parking, much-needed access to restrooms and running water, and strengths-based case management that facilitates pathways to health and stable housing. SPLA operates in six lots that together can accommodate 144 vehicles each night, and they recently announced the opening of a seventh lot with the capacity to park an additional 50 vehicles.

Around 65% of Safe Parking LA's revenue comes from government contracts. Program costs are billed every month, and reimbursement is usually expected within 30 days. However, since SPLA is often reimbursed late, this financing will help cover their operating costs for about 1.5 months while it awaits payment. Supported by the Hilton Foundation, this zero-interest loan will also support SPLA as they establish themselves as a standalone organization, independent of their fiscal sponsor. With more sustained, reliable funding, SPLA can continue investing in critical programs that restore safety and dignity to Angelenos.
The mission of The Word is to promote creative voices from underserved communities and diverse backgrounds, honor stories from traditionally marginalized communities, and provide a space for these groups to see themselves in literature. By forming partnerships with the publishing industry and community groups, the nonprofit spotlights BIPOC authors and advocates for inclusive literary participation. Through its editor-writer mentorship program, awards ceremony, writing workshops, professional development program, and biannual conference and book festival, The Word serves 3,000 emerging BIPOC authors each year. In 2021 alone, it provided 2,700 participants with 56,000 program hours — a 500% increase in the span of just four years.

As The Word continues to receive an unprecedented number of requests to facilitate their programs, the organization needs additional funding to match its exponential growth. Like many nonprofits, The Word faces cash flow challenges caused by late payments from their foundation and corporate partners. NFF’s loan will help alleviate this cash flow challenge so that the organization can focus on its programs. Offered through the Metro Denver Nonprofit Loan Fund, which supports the recovery and development of the Metro Denver nonprofit ecosystem, NFF’s loan will provide The Word with the working capital needed to meet the rising demand for its services. With this investment, The Word can expand its programs to include even more community voices as agents of social and literary change.
Pioneer Works Arts Foundation is an artist and scientist-led nonprofit cultural center in New York City that fosters innovative thinking through visual and performing arts, technology, music, and science. They support onsite production through their science, design, recording, and ceramics studios; media, virtual environment, and technology labs; darkroom; and garden. Committed to supporting emerging artists, promoting interdisciplinary research, and providing public access, Pioneer Works hopes to accelerate culture through the free exchange of ideas and information for all.

This loan will support Pioneer Works as it purchases, renovates, and expands its facility on Pioneer Street in Red Hook, Brooklyn. Pioneer Works plans to bring its building, built in 1866, into the modern age with Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) accessible garden pathways, a new elevator, a new roof deck, and a publicly accessible rooftop observatory. This loan will allow Pioneer Works to continue to educate and serve their community as they wait for reimbursement from city and state capital grants.
Sure We Can is a nonprofit recycling center, community space, and sustainability hub in Brooklyn, New York where canners – people who collect cans and bottles from streets to make a living – come together with students and neighbors through recycling, composting, gardening, and arts. Founded in 2007 by canners for canners, Sure We Can’s mission is to support the local community – particularly its most marginalized residents – through social inclusion, environmental awareness, and economic empowerment.

Sure We Can rented the space they operate in for over a decade, and since 2016 the organization has tried to purchase the property. However, they faced a number of financial challenges. NFF’s loan assisted Sure We Can in finally purchasing the property they’ve long sought. In addition to the long-term financial stability that comes with property ownership, Sure We Can plans to expand their workforce, pursue community control and governance, implement green infrastructure projects, and process harder-to-recycle materials. The acquisition was also supported by SeaChange Capital Partners, which provided capital as Sure We Can awaits a $600,000 capital grant from New York State’s Empire State Development.
The mission of ArtistiCO is to uplift, promote, and educate people about Latinx culture through art and dance. This queer, Latinx-led organization serves primarily Latinx youth and offers an inclusive platform for artists of all backgrounds to showcase their passion and talent to audiences across the world at educational institutions, stages, and community events. The organization has served over 100 people annually in their first two years alone.

Offered through the Metro Denver Nonprofit Loan Fund, which supports the recovery and development of the Metro Denver nonprofit ecosystem, NFF’s zero-interest loan will help the organization pay off two existing high-interest loans on their dance floor and the company car that transports students and costumes to performances. Once they don't need to use their funding for high-interest payments, they will have the money they need to hire a grant writer and increase employee wages. We hope that this funding will allow ArtistiCO to focus on sustaining their growth so that they can make even greater investments in youth artistic expression. Check out some great photos and videos from the ArtistiCO studio on their Instagram page:
CicLAvia catalyzes the use of public space and alternative modes of transportation in Los Angeles County neighborhoods by hosting community events where participants can bike, walk, skate, roll, and dance. By temporarily closing public streets and turning them into public parks for the day, CicLAvia connects diverse groups of Angelenos. With less vehicle traffic on the road, CicLAvia events improve air quality, reducing ultrafine air particles by over 20% near event routes. CicLAvia also advocates for pedestrians and bikers through local and regional transportation policies. With each free event averaging 50,000 attendees, CicLAvia is the country’s largest open streets program.

CicLAvia receives much of its funding from government contracts. However, like many government agencies, Los Angeles County agencies pay nonprofits after work is conducted, not before – and COVID-19 exacerbated delays in these payments that already existed. Offered through NFF's zero-interest CARE Fund, this loan will provide a portion of the cash needed to advance costs for an increasing number of events and smooth over cash flow issues caused by delays in government reimbursement. With more sustained, reliable funding in a time of significant growth, CicLAvia can continue investing in the health and well-being of even more Los Angeles County residents.
The YMCA of Memphis & the Mid-South works to strengthen community to make sure everyone has the opportunity to learn, grow, and thrive. In addition to its primary focus on youth development and healthy living for residents of all ages, the YMCA has also played an important role in the local COVID-19 response, providing school meals and childcare for essential workers. NFF’s $11 million NMTC investment and $1.5 million loan will support the construction of a new community center that will offer fitness amenities, after-school programs, and health and wellness activities.
Based in Boulder, CO, Women’s Wilderness is one of the only nonprofits in the world that provides direct outdoor experiences with a gender lens. They offer a variety of programs including backpacking, camping, canoeing, climbing, hiking, nature immersion, and rafting. They also have dedicated programs for people of color, LGBTQI+ individuals, and girls who have recently migrated to or claimed refugee status in the United States. 

Women's Wilderness requested a $60,000 loan through the Metro Denver Nonprofit Loan Fund to finance a fleet of three vans. While COVID-19 is still a threat in the United States, these vans will allow the organization to maintain its current program capacity while still maintaining social distancing between participants. In the future, these vans will allow Women's Wilderness to increase the amount of women, girls, and LGBTQI+ people it serves with its outdoor programming. 
Downtown Community Television Center (DCTV) is a nonprofit independent media arts center in New York City. Founded in 1972, it fosters diverse viewpoints and creates positive social change by providing professional training, state-of-the-industry resources, and by creating and exhibiting thought-provoking, impactful documentary films.

DCTV is building a new, 74-seat public cinema devoted exclusively to documentary film screenings. Located on the building’s ground floor, the cinema will serve as an expansion of the existing DCTV Presents programming, where the organization hosts screening events that engage audiences in documentary films about important social issues. NFF provided a $1-million bridge loan and a $1.1-million construction loan toward the $5.2-million project. Partner: LISC
YMCA of Metro Atlanta is building a new center in the Grove Park neighborhood, Woodson Park YMCA. The 18,545-square-foot YMCA facility will provide programming for 150 children annually with group exercise classes, and after school programming, including a STEAM curriculum and day camps. It will also create 65-90 accredited Head Start seats; feature a Federally Qualified Health Center that will provide primary care services on a sliding fee scale based on a patient’s ability to pay; additional space for general health and community planning; and 18 new jobs for the community. NFF provided $9-million in NMTC allocation for the $11-million facility.

Partners: SunTrust Bank, Atlanta Public Schools, and The Grove Park Foundation.
Finger Lakes ReUse prioritizes the maximum reuse of building materials, electronics, household goods, appliances, and furniture through a community-oriented warehouse, shopping, and educational center. These items are used to create living wage jobs and support mentorship opportunities. NFF provided a loan to help Finger Lake ReUse refinance an existing mortgage on one of its properties.

Co-investor: Alternatives Federal Credit Union
Community Connections for Youth (CCFY) brings together grassroots faith and neighborhood organizations to develop community-driven alternatives to incarceration for youth in the Bronx, using an approach that is restorative and strengths-based and that links young people, their communities, and their families in the juvenile justice reform process.

In 2017, CCFY was awarded a 5-year, $10.3-million contract from the Manhattan District Attorney’s Office, through the Criminal Justice Investment Initiative, to operate a “Youth Opportunity Hub” in Harlem. The hub gathers community-based organizations under one roof to provide a range of resources, services, and activities to support youth who have been involved or are at risk of involvement with the justice system. NFF’s $1-million line of credit will be used to prevent cash shortages as CCFY awaits reimbursement for this work and payments from other government contracts.

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