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Hispanic Federation, Rising Together: Strengthening Latino Communities Nationwide

December 16, 2021

Hispanic Federation has a single goal: to uplift Latino communities across the United States. To do so, they work on several parallel tracks. They advocate nationally for policies that promote equity for Latino communities. They make grants directly to Latino-led and serving nonprofits. And they provide a suite of resources for Latino leaders of mission-driven organizations, including “Entre Familia” webinars, board development networking sessions, and deep dive workshops on everything from fundraising to succession planning.

We connected with Hispanic Federation earlier this year to offer financial management training to five of their member organizations through our Morgan Stanley-funded Rising Together initiative. Communities depend on nonprofits like these to achieve their greatest priorities – like recovering from COVID-19, creating economic opportunities, and advancing racial justice. Having a keen understanding of their organization's finances can help nonprofit leaders address challenges, grow sustainably, and maximize their impact.

“Hispanic Federation’s member services connect Latino-led nonprofits with organizations in their neighborhoods - locally and nationally,” says Jessica Guzmán Mejía, Hispanic Federation's Vice President of Programs and Impact. “We bring people into one network where they can make their own connections.”

Read on to hear from the five Hispanic Federation members we've partnered with – and to learn more about the critical work they're doing with Latino communities nationwide.

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