Fundamentals for Nonprofits

Resources for Community-Based Organization and Healthcare Partnerships

Healthcare and community-based organizations (CBOs) across the country are increasingly working together to better address the root causes of poor health among low-income and vulnerable populations. Through support from Kaiser Permanente Community Health, the Center for Health Care Strategies and NFF collaborated to identify new strategies and resources to facilitate effective CBO-healthcare partnerships, building on work done under the Partnership for Healthy Outcomes project made possible by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation.

Following are a set of practical resources to help emerging and existing partnerships address common barriers and strengthen their collaborative activities.

Integrating to Improve Health: Partnership Models between Community-Based and Health Care Organizations
Outlines common partnership elements and establishes a framework to describe integration between community-based and healthcare organizations.

Value Proposition Tool: Articulating Value Within Community-Based and Health Care Organization Partnerships
Assists partners in articulating their value within an emerging or existing partnership through a series of reflection questions and considerations.

Health Care and Community-Based Organization Partnership: What Does It Cost?
Guides partnerships in estimating costs to help align goals, prioritize decisions, communicate with stakeholders, and advocate for funding.

To learn more, read the executive summary with takeaways on how to develop and sustain effective healthcare-CBO partnerships, and case studies featuring partnerships between a diverse array of CBO and healthcare partners working together to address social needs and improve health outcomes for at-risk patients.

Additional tools and resources for healthcare-CBO partnerships: