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BMe, Rising Together: A “Fam” of Black Nonprofit Leaders

December 16, 2021

It should come as no surprise that the organization founded by Trabian Shorters – who coined the term Asset-Framing to describe people by their aspirations instead of the challenges they face – is intentional about the language it uses. BMe's members aren’t part of a network, they’re fam. They’re people first, nonprofit leaders second (or third).  

BMe offers Black community leaders a space “to break bread together, to breathe, to do self-care.” In practice, that looks like supporting community work through the Black L.O.V.E. Fund and connecting leaders through Vanguard Fellowships.  

In April 2021, NFF partnered with BMe through Rising Together: a Morgan Stanley-funded effort to co-design programs that boost nonprofits’ financial health in direct response to their interest in financial management and planning. Through this initiative, NFF staff are engaging one-on-one with ten organizations – all led by Black people, all part of the BMe fam – offering grants and tailored financial management consulting to support these organizations’ continued growth and impact.  

Read on to get to know the inspiring people and organizations in the BMe cohort of Rising Together! 


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