Black-Led and Black-Empowering Organizations: Strengthening California's Economy and Communities

A Survey to Capture the Collective Contributions and Impact of BLOs on the Economy of California

Survey now live!

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Black Equity Collective has commissioned NFF to do a survey of Black-led and Black-empowering organizations in California. Our goal is to capture an expansive view of the wealth and well-being that Black-led and Black-empowering organizations deliver to this state. The data captured will highlight economic and cultural contributions at scale and will bring this story to those who need to hear it the most: funders, legislators, our communities, and beyond.

To make this story powerful, we need to hear from as many Black-led and Black-empowering organizations in California as possible.

Add your voice and share the survey far and wide with other organizations in your circles. Your voices will be critical in amplifying the truth, strength, strategic disruption, and love of a collective lived experience.

In case you’d like to gather the information ahead of time, we have prepared this worksheet with some of the survey questions where you may need to gather information in order to answer (this is not a complete list of questions). It also will help if you have your latest Form 990, Annual Report and Organizational Budget available. 

Please complete the survey before August 16, 2024 so your voice can be counted.

Thank you for participating in this collective effort!

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The Black Equity Collective is a network of funders and nonprofit leaders committed to investing in the long-term sustainability of Black-led organizations in Southern California (Los Angeles County and the Inland Empire). We transform the relationship between philanthropy and Black-led organizations for more equitable funding.
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This survey is being conducted with support from EVITARUS. EVITARUS is a Black-led public opinion research firm that delivers actionable data and strategic advice to public policy, political, and corporate decision-makers. Our mission is to illuminate, elevate, and amplify the voices of everyday people, providing communities with a voice in decision making on issues that impact their quality of life. We conduct studies among diverse communities throughout Southern California and nationwide, and we specialize in research focused on Black and African American audiences.

This research is generously supported by the following funders:

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