2025 State of the Nonprofit Sector Survey

8th State of the Nonprofit Sector Survey

NFF has conducted the State of the Nonprofit Sector Survey seven times since 2009, garnering thousands of responses from nonprofits large and small, urban and rural, across sectors and geographies. Our 2022 Survey offered vital insights into the financial health and resilience of nonprofits, which we are actively leveraging to enhance the flow of capital and resources to underserved communities. Among our key findings:

  • 82% of respondents that identified as Black, Indigenous, or a person of color (BIPOC) reported long-term sustainability as a top challenge.
  • 12% of respondents’ annual expenses were less than $100K.
  • 65% of respondent’s ED/CEO identified as a woman.
  • 57% of BIPOC respondents represented one or more communities they serve, in comparison to 18% of white-led organizations. 

A 2025 Survey is Vital

Our eighth Survey will demonstrate how nonprofits are adapting to changing, less favorable financial conditions and spotlight positive examples of organizations getting needed investments to build community wealth and well-being. Launching in January 2025, with results released in Spring 2025, the next Survey will focus on: 

  • Offering a post-pandemic look at how funding practices have shifted and the impact on nonprofits’ financial health.
  • Capturing and sharing data about racial equity in nonprofit finance and funding disparities.
  • Understanding the operational and financial health of nonprofits and the investments they need to secure their long-term futures.
  • Demonstrating how nonprofits are contributing to community wealth and well-being.

Over the years, NFF’s Survey data has been cited and used (for example):   

  • by the White House Office of Social Innovation and in a California State Legislative Hearing;  
  • to inform National Council of Nonprofits’ policy recommendations on the treatment of Indirect Costs and in its Investing for Impact publication;  
  • in the New York City’s Human Services Council’s call for cost-of-living adjustments for nonprofits with government contracts;  
  • by Independent Sector in its debate about the charitable deduction;  
  • in The New York Times, Stanford Social Innovation Review, Nonprofit Quarterly, and Chronicle of Philanthropy; 
  • in a report with for Los Angeles’s Mayor Bass with recommendations on how Los Angeles City can better partner with nonprofits to address homelessness and other urgent priorities   

Ways to get involved

NFF is preparing for a 2025 Survey to determine how nonprofits are faring in today's changing environment and the investments needed to secure their long-term futures. We are looking for support to make this vital research project possible. Sponsorship opportunities include access to niche analysis for sectors or geographies of interest, wide recognition for contributions, and multiple ways to engage with the Survey for community building.  

We need your help to raise the voices of nonprofit leaders working on the frontlines to improve community well-being. 

To learn more, email [email protected]