Vice President and Chief Strategy Officer
Team Leader, SIEC

Trella Walker

Wife. Mom. Teacher. Lawyer. Writer. Editor. Consultant. Homeschooler. Retired Vegan.

To say that my life journey has taken me places is an understatement. From coast to coast, I have worked in nonprofits across a variety of sectors, including arts and entertainment, youth, social services, education, healthcare, and veterans’ affairs – and amidst all of that, I graduated law school, raised a family, and led a homeschool co-op for teenage girls.

I’ve brought all of that experience into my work at NFF where I lead consulting and financial management initiatives that provide training and resources to organizations that have traditionally been denied access to capital.

I am also the inaugural leader of NFF’s Social Innovation and Equity Council, a group of enterprise-wide staff members who help provide internal and external support and accountability as we forge our organizational commitment to equity in finance and changemaking in the nonprofit sector.

Through my work and my daily life I have adopted one more label for which I am proud and dedicated to embody – Change Maker.

“I am no longer accepting the things I cannot change. I am changing the things I cannot accept.” – Angela Davis

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There is so much to learn and do at NFF. It is truly inspirational to work in an organization that sincerely commits to exhibiting its values in every aspect of its delivery. I am excited about working on the Mellon Foundation initiative to strengthen arts organizations. The arts are a window to our souls; without them we have limited capacity to innovate and create.