Associate Director

Lisa Thirer

I spent 8 years traveling the world before settling down in Boston.  From Argentina to Australia, the one thing that was consistent during this time was my love for exploring new cultures and learning about the places and people of where I visit and live.      

At NFF, I’m privileged to continue this journey where I work with organizations across the country, each with a distinct mission, community and culture.  My work as a consultant helps nonprofits and funders make mission-centered, data-informed decisions to make their organizations and the communities they serve stronger.  Before I joined NFF I worked across various sectors, mostly in health.  From innovative youth mental health models to managing mobile medical clinics, I experienced the challenges first hand of community collaboration, reporting with a compliance mindset, and most importantly, providing services that meet the needs of the community while including their voice in how we delivered services.     

When I’m not talking about full costs or healthcare partnerships, you can find me chasing after my toddler, walking my two dogs, or out for a run or bike ride – in that order. 


I have always been passionate about creating positive change to address social challenges, but felt like my personal impact was falling short. I love that my role at NFF allows me to work at both the local and national level, where I can increase both resiliency and efficacy of the practice.