Trella Walker Headshot

Interim CEO

Trella Walker

After my colleagues and I completed a training on diversity, equity, and inclusion as a national organization, we divided into smaller groups for further discussion. I was—and am—in awe of the transparency, honesty, and openness exhibited in that discussion, even when what my colleagues were sharing was not the position of the majority. At NFF, there is a commitment to professional and personal growth. There is room to learn and grow in areas that challenge you without fear of repercussions. I believe that this willingness to be vulnerable helps you grow, but it comes easier when you are in a safe place. NFF is a safe place, and its employees can extend the same desire to create safe places to grow for others in the communities being served.

I have been engaged in the social sector for the majority of my career, but I am now clearer about the importance of disseminating knowledge and information. Knowledge is power, but people don’t know what they don’t know. Active dissemination of information that can help organizations be adaptive and resilient is imperative to success in the social sector, and NFF demonstrates its commitment to knowledge dissemination. I am proud of engaging and growing in this work in a supportive environment.